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FILM ACADEMY, registered association
 1. The Academy associates natural persons working within the area of Czech cinematography, without any restrictions regarding citizenship or nationality. 
2. The main purpose and aim of the activities of the Academy is to cooperate on the common interest of the members, which is the support and promotion of Czech cinematographic art in the Czech republic as well as abroad and creation of conditions for the development of Czech cinematographic art.
3. The main activities of the Academy to fulfil its aim are as follows:
a) Awarding Czech annual film awards;
b) Nominating Czech cinematographic works of art for international or foreign film awards;
c) Cooperating with other state authorities and subjects operating in the area of cinematography, for example in the area of legislative processes regarding cinematography.
4. The Academy can do other supplementary business activities that are not licensed, in the following areas:
a) Operating of cultural, educational and entertainment facilities, organising cultural events, entertainment, exhibitions, fairs, shows, trade events and similar events;
b) Publishing activities, printing production, bookbinding and copying work;
c) Production, reproduction, distribution, selling and renting of audio and audio-visual recordings and production of data and recording media.
5. The purpose of the supplementary activities is solely to support the main activities and the profit from the supplementary activities can be used only for the activities and operation of the Academy. 
6. The Academy will do its activities permanently and has been founded for an indefinite period of time.
7. A natural person of at least 18 years of age can become a member of the Academy if he fulfils the conditions for the membership mentioned below in this text. The membership is bound to a natural person and it is not transferable to his successor in title. 
8. The membership in the Academy is voluntary and it results from the decision of the Presidium about accepting the person as a member. Those who apply for the membership in the Academy or accept the offered membership in the Academy, agree willingly to be bound by the statutes of the Academy from the moment they become members of the Academy. The Presidium will not refuse without a serious reason an application for the membership of an applicant who fulfils the conditions for the membership mentioned below in paragraph 9, articles a) to g). 
9. The following persons can become members of the Academy:
a) The winner of the film award Czech Lion awarded from 1994 to 2013;
b) The winner of the annual film awards awarded by the Academy from 2014;
c) The holder of at least three nominations for the awards mentioned in article a), or b) above, while the nominations mentioned in a) and b) count up;
d) The winner of an annual award awarded by the European Film Academy (EFA), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – HFPA (Golden Globe) or the holder of a nomination for any of these awards;
e) The holder of an annual award awarded by a jury of a competitive international film festival which is accredited by the Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films (FIAPF);
f) The holder of a national annual award in the area of cinematography awarded in a foreign country (“Slnko v sieti“ in Slovakia, “Lola“ in Germany, “Orły“ in Poland, “Goya“ in Spain, “César“ in France, “David di Donatello“ in Italy, the BAFTA awards in Great Britain etc.);
g) The person who became a member of the Academy in the past based on article VIII of the Statutes of Czech Film and Television Academy, charitable trust (company reg. no.: 25740377), irrespective of the other conditions in this paragraph;
h) An important personality of Czech or world cinematography who significantly contributed to the development of Czech and world cinematography, on the condition that his membership is proposed by most of the members of the Presidium. 
10. The conditions mentioned in paragraph 9, articles a) to f) are fulfilled only in case the awards are awarded in connection with a Czech or Czechoslovak cinematographic work of art or if they are awarded to a Czech citizen in connection with other than a Czech or Czechoslovak cinematographic work of art. In case of an award or a nomination according to paragraph 9, articles a) to f) in the category “best film” the holder of the award or nomination is considered the producer (producers) and the director of the cinematographic work of art.
11. Those who are interested in membership in the Academy and fulfil the conditions in paragraph 9, articles a) to g), send the Academy an application for the membership. The personality proposed by the Presidium according to paragraph 9, article h), will become the member of the Academy if he clearly expresses his interest to become a member of the Academy. 
Prague, 31st July 2013 


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