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Czech Lion will be newly awarded to television production, the ceremonial gala evening will take place on 5 th March 2016

The 23rd Czech Lion, the annual awards of Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA), will take place on Saturday the 5th March 2016 again in Rudolfinum in Prague. The ceremonial gala evening will be again hosted by Lucie Výborná. Altogether 42 feature films (feature films, animated films and documentary features) which have been released in 2015 have a chance to win the Czech Lion award in 15 statutory categories. The news is the three competitive categories in the area of television production where the Czech Lion will be awarded as well. Furthermore the CFTA can make a decision about the Czech Lion Award for an exceptional feat in the area of audio-visual arts. The nominees in the individual categories will be revealed on 20th January 2016 during a press conference of the CFTA.

Television production will be awarded Czech Lions for the first time
The news of the 23rd annual Czech Lion awards is the awards for television production which is represented in three categories. The makers can get the awards for the Best Television Film or Miniseries, the Best Television Drama Series and the Best Television Documentary or Series. The special category of an Exceptional Feat in the area of audio-visual arts has been introduced. “The quality of Czech television production is at a very high level and it keeps up with the world trends of the so-called quality tv. Undoubtedly it deserves to be awarded not only by the public but also by the experts from the ranks of film and television professionals. We therefore decided to increase the number of awarded Czech Lions by three television categories. Individual features and series will be first nominated by television companies and then in the second round they will be evaluated by votes of the academics,“ explains Tereza Rychnovská, the managing director of the CFTA. The nominations for all the categories, the film as well as the television categories, will be revealed at the press conference on 20th January 2016.

Gala evening on a grand scale
The annual CFTA awards Czech Lions will be ceremonially presented on Saturday the 5th March 2016 in the neo-renaissance building of Rudolfinum in Prague. The gala evening will be again hosted by the radio and television presenter and journalist Lucie Výborná. The ceremonial evening will be directed by Michael Čech and Jan Svěrák. The portraits of the individual nominees will be directed by Tereza Kopáčová just like last year.

New visual style and new non-statutory award
The authors of the graphic design concept for the 23rd Czech lion are Tomáš Martin and Ondřej Souček from the creative studio Luftballon. When creating the visual concept they focused on the geometric motif of the Czech Lion as it is depicted at the bottom of the statuette of the Czech Lion Award by the typographer Tomáš Brousil.
The news of this year is also the brand new image of the non-statutory awards that was designed by Jakub Berdych. The winners in these categories will also get glass trophies that will substitute for the previous diplomas. All the trophies for these annual awards are being prepared in cooperation with the Czech design and glass company Lasvit.

The general partner of the Czech Lion is the mineral water Magnesia of the company Karlsbad Mineral Water. “Magnesia will again present original spots that every year accompany the presentation of the Czech Lion awards. The wide range of the Czech Lion holders who have already played in the spots so far will be added by another actor and actress who can be proud of the film awards from the academy. We will reveal their names during January,“ explains Alessandro Pasquale, the general director of Karlsbad Mineral Water. 

Our main partner is RWE. The main media partner is traditionally the Czech Television.

The project called RWE – the Energy of Czech film will start its eleventh season next year. Part of the project is support of the actors’ films and documentaries and selected film festivals but we also support the activities of our FILM FOUNDATION, which promotes the screenplay preparations of Czech feature films. In 2015 there were two films released that had been shot based on two screenplays awarded by the FILM FOUNDATION. So we are hopeful of many reasons to be happy on the 5th March,” mentioned Martin Chalupský, the director of communication in RWE in CR.

Czech Television has been constantly supporting Czech film as the biggest co-producer. During the last four years we contributed to the production of more than one hundred and twenty feature films, documentaries and animated films. Furthermore these days we are witnessing the world trend when television professionals are joined by film makers who can find here new opportunities as the quality of television production is increasing. I am pleased that these new opportunities for film makers appear in the Czech television as well as in the commercial televisions. The annual awards of the Czech Film and Television Academy reacted quickly to this new trend and they created the three new television categories. I believe that this step will further contribute to the development of audio-visual arts,“ says the general director of the Czech Television Petr Dvořák.

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